We all have the same rights, but we don’t have the same means to defend them.

Thanks to donors like you we can provide hundreds of thousands of dollars in free legal service to community leaders who want to stand up for their environment.

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The world’s largest hazardous waste incinerator sits in the Ohio river valley in a town called East Liverpool, Ohio. Since 2014 we have represented Save Our County multiple times in their efforts to secure a healthy and safe place for all residents of east Liverpool.

Alonzo Spencer is a lifetime resident of East Liverpool, a community with the some of the highest cancer rates country. He has spent decades working with Save Our County, fighting for a better future. Working with him has been an inspiration and we are happy to say that our efforts have advanced their cause greatly. We hope to continue working with this group to help them get the environmental justice that they deserve. But we need your help

Your contribution to the Fair Fund will provide organizations, like Save our county, with a chance to stand up to major polluters and defend your environment and your health. 

The Fair Fund provides financial aid for some of the following legal expenses.

  • Expert witnesses ($10,000-40,000)

  • Court Filing fees ($1000-$3000)

  • Travel to and from court for filings and hearings ($1000)

We allocate funds to our clients on a needs bases (evaluated by income/revenue, status in legal process, and legal standing) through a recoverable grant basis.

The Fair Fund also supports community education that bookends our legal work.

Our community empowerment philosophy: a strong, well-equipped and well-led community is better suited to develop legally and scientifically supported positions that reflect their tolerance for environmental risk. We use a combination of traditional community meetings, teaching, informational material and trainings as well as innovative community wealth-building and visibility events to conduct our outreach program.

The Fair Fund also allows funders to support specific legal work of their choice.

In certain cases we may allow funders to donate money with allocation agreements that decide how funding must be used. Please reach out to us before making your donation if you would like to make a specific request. Contact us at: jeisenfeld@fairshake-els.org.