The Center for Coalfield Justice works to preserve communities and natural resources in Southwestern Pennsylvania against the environmental, economic, and social impacts of coal mining. They fight for coalfield communities through advocacy, education, and organizing.

CCJ and Fair Shake have been working together for over 5 years to help communities fight back. Longwall mining and shale gas fracking are destroying ecosystems and displacing people across Southwestern Pennsylvania. So CCJ works with residents to develop community-led responses to this cycle of extreme energy extraction and exploitation.

CCJ shares our passion for community led initiatives. Their approach for working with area residents values their knowledge about the land, waterways, and communities. They provide community members with detailed information about proposed projects and potential impacts so they can make informed decisions on individual or collective actions. We both understand that empowering local leaders grounded in the belief that people who live with the daily impacts of fossil fuel extraction should be treated with the utmost respect. Therefore, to truly help impacted to communities, this work must be informed and directed by how local people think these industries should be held accountable for impacts.


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