Webinar: Legal Tools for Building the Sharing Economy

By Ryan Hamilton

This presentation, recorded as part of Fair Shake’s 2015 Community Fair, provides an introduction to my practice as a sharing economy lawyer. The sharing economy is a general trend towards sustainable economic and community development in a way that facilitates community ownership, localized production, cooperation, small-scale enterprise, and the regeneration of economic and natural abundance. As an attorney, I provide the legal tools required for scaling up the grass roots sharing economy transactions that occur everyday. Generally, this means helping individuals, organizations, and small businesses with incorporation and contracts. In this presentation I discuss both my approach to contracting in the sharing economy and how different types of organizations, like B Corporations, Low-Profit Limited Liability Companies, Cooperatives, and nonprofits formed under less well known tax exemption categories, contribute to the growth of the sharing economy. If you are interested in learning more about my sharing economy practice, watch the webinar below or contact me by email at rhamilton @ fairshake-els.org.