About Siri:

Siri and her husband Wayne Lawson in a sleepy, dirt-road township in Warren County, PA. They are

have been dealing with the reckless operation polluters for nearly 40 years.

  • The Lawsons township, Farmington Township, had recently got an approval from the DEP to spread “brine” on their roads for dust suppression.

  • This “Brine” contains mostly conventional and unconventional natural gas drilling waste water.

  • Waste water from all natural gas drilling has been known to contain radioactive radium 226 and 228.

  • This was happening on dirt roads all across Pennsylvania and is still happening on roads in Ohio.

  • Our case aimed to prove that the PA DEP didn’t have authority to permit this kind of activity.

  • Before we could file a motion, the PA DEP issued a moratorium on all approvals for brine road spreading, which is still in effect.

  • The case was dismissed as moot because they agreed with our legal argument in their written motion to dismiss.




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