We have history defending residents rights and increasing transparency between coal mines and communities.


Environmental Risk

Coal mining started in Pennsylvania and Ohio sometime around 1800 and - thanks to advances in modern technology - still continues today. Mining has concerning associated risks that include land subsidence, acid mine drainage, water well contamination, erosion, diesel traffic and emissions, as well as certain health risks. Other mines such as sand mining or greenstone pose risk of air pollution with particulate matter.

The wide spread prevalence of mines creates a compounding effect for all of these risk as well as posing problem for other extractive industries such as Oil & Gas which must drill around or sometimes through existing mines. This increases the likelihood of all the above mentioned risks.

Protecting our rights

Our attorneys appeal permits, challenge laws, and demand reconciliation for irresponsible mining practices. We fight to keep that risk at bay and to protect the rights of innocent, hardworking individuals as well as environmental nonprofit groups looking out for the public interest. And we do it at a rate that our clients can afford. Often that means for free or grant funded.

We stand beside our clients, educating them along the way. We advocate for their goals whether that be fighting to stop a new well or simply restoring their drinking water.


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Center for Coalfield Justice
CCJ is public policy and advocacy organization based in coalfields of Pennsylvania.

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permits should protect


To this day the Pennsylvania Environmental Hearing Board has put the burden of appealing permits and proving any objections to permits on individuals and community organizations. That requires, at minimum hiring an attorney and an expert in the field of their objection just to have their point considered.

Land subsidence from undermining

We worked with the Center for Coalfield Justice to hold reckless and dangerous operators accountable for land subsidence that required Duke Lake to be completely drained, the centerpiece attraction at Ryerson Station State Park .


Keeping ‘Yakers on the Yough’

Krissy Kasserman is the Youghiogheny Riverkeeper. The Riverkeeper is employed by the Mountain Watershed Association to protect the Greater Youghiogheny watersheds. We helped Krissy take action to preserve the aesthetic, ecological, and recreational value of the region from coal mining operations.


Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.
— Margaret Mead

We are providing legal representation to at risk communities and individuals on the frontlines of environmental decline.

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